VMware Data Recovery

VMware Data Recovery 18.0

Restore corrupted VMDK files

VMware Data Recovery Freeware is the most innovative solution that allows bringing backup VMware Machine data from corrupted VMDK files. It allows recovering VMDK data of FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 (exFAT) & NTFS of Windows, HFS+ of Mac, and EXTX of Linux operating system without any data loss. It allows to preview or explore any highly corrupted VMDK file data including all items or properties. VMDK Recovery allows recovering data from Fixed or Dynamic Disk VMDK successfully. It also recovers split VMDK files split like FLAT and SPARSE. VMware Data Recovery software allows recovering deleted files or folders from VMKD files of NTFS and FAT partition successfully. It runs on all versions of Windows platforms including Windows 10. VMware Recovery software supports recovering all types of.VMDK files created with VMware Workstation, VMware vSphere, VMware Server, VMware Infrastructure, VMware ESXi, etc. The Software has RAW recovery mode to perform powerful recovery of corrupt VMDK files. It has advance scanning option like Standard, Advanced and Deep mode that allows to quickly scans your highly corrupted VMKD file and successfully extract or recover data from them without any data defeat. The great feature of auto-search for searching for files in the tree-structure by simply entering their names/file types. It supports both partition tables, i.e., Master Boot Record (MBR) & GUID Partition Table (GPT). The software features two scanning modes, standard, and advance, for different levels of corruption. VMware VMDK Recovery supports to repair corrupted Virtual machines Disk .vmdk files created in all versions of Windows including Win XP, Win10, Win8, Win7, Win8.1, Win2000, etc. It supports recovering data from all types of VMKD files which is saved into Fixed or Dynamic Disk types.

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